Accomplishments and Responsibilities

The following is a listing of various accomplishments and/or job-related responsibilities in a number of different positions.

Senior administrator responsible for all aspects of Technology within the organization.

IT Director for PA’s third largest school district; 19,000 students, 23 schools, 13,000+ computers, 25 IT staff.

Implemented BYOD initiative across 23 schools; to include, authoring School Board Policy and training materials.

Delivered, coordinated, and/or planned Technology Staff Development.

Implemented various Online Learning initiatives, including;, Office 365, and Moodle.

Implemented Performance Tracker/Plus and Assessment Builder to capture and track digital assessments.

Authored district’s Social Media policy and monitored and advised the district on new developments.

Migrated three districts to SchoolWires website content management solution.

Responsible for all network applications (e.g. bandwidth, storage, security, and wireless).

Responsible for hardware purchases, replacement, maintenance, and disaster recovery.

Introduced and managed the deployment of teacher assigned laptops.

Managed the deployment of nearly 1000 iPads to improve instruction.

Spearheaded interactive whiteboard/projector and multimedia classroom projects.

Established routine computer replacement cycles for refreshing technology.

Upgraded or installed 850+ wireless access points to be available for instructional use and to support BYOD.

Managed the district’s Classrooms for the Future state-wide initiative within the district; which distributed laptops, projectors, and interactive whiteboards to Math, Science, Social Studies, and English classrooms.