Choroid Plexus Cyst website

The Choroid Plexus Cyst website is a site I created and maintain.  I created the website over 18 years ago.  I am the only person who has ever managed the website.  The site is a bit dated, because I do this in my free time.  However, there are examples of many technologies I have used over time, including HTML, PHP, Javascript, and CSS.  The most significant portion of the site is a PHP message board that runs off a MySQL backend.  The message board is powered by the Simple Machines Forum script, which I have modified many times for my own purposes.  I also manually edit the MySQL backend using phpMyAdmin.

I created any graphics that appear on the site, although, I would note that they are also somewhat dated.  Again, I maintain the site during my free time and it is not a priority for me to constantly update the layout and design.

Please view this website as an example of various web technolgies I have worked with other the years.

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